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I can’t tell you how excited I am to undertake this crazy cross-country adventure. And I love that you’re coming along for this learning process with me.  

I hope it serves as a source of inspiration and information for you.  My passion is to encourage people to seek their own adventure – with whatever time and resources they have available to them. 

I love budget, solo travel so I hope the lessons I learn, along the way, will give you lots of motivation and confidence to go out and start experimenting on your own – using what I learn to make your efforts even more effective and enjoyable.

Several of you have asked how you can support my work.  Trust me, I can use all the prayers, positive thoughts, words of encouragement, and anything else you can send my way.  Obviously, I will be working all along the way to fund this project.  Can I afford to do it?  Nope.  But I hope I’ll find enough work and opportunity to keep me going forward one day at a time.  Nothing is better than finding win-win opportunities. So I’ve thought about ways I can help to support you – and others – along the way as well.

Here are 5 ways you can help – and most of these will provide some great value to you, too:

A good ole tank a gas: $35

Now that the world is opening back up, gas prices are soaring, which has not been a fun addition to my trip planning after spending a small fortune getting my precious little 14-year-old car up to par for the journey.  It’s estimated I will travel almost 10,000 miles in the coming months – needing over 25 tanks of gas just to get from New Orleans to Louisville, from Louisville to Los Angeles, from Los Angeles to Portland, from Portland to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and back to Louisville, and then finally back to New Orleans.  And that’s just the “straight-shot” projections.

So, just gifting me a tank of gas can be an enormous help!! If you feel inclined to do so, thank you mucho, mucho! And, as always, call me along the way if I can provide some quick advice or support.

Just click on the button below and it will take you to my PayPal page where you will click “Send” and complete.

Editing your favorite pics: $50

Let me work “Myra’s Makeover Magic” on your cherished (but less-than-perfect) photos! I’ll let you in on a little secret…until a month ago, I was shooting most of my photos, that I’ve posted on Facebook and Instagram, with a six-year-old iPhone! That’s right.  Nothing special at all. 

BUT, I am a photo EDITING nerd. I love it! 

I love taking an “ugly duckling” or a past-its-prime photo and bringing out the magic in it. 

I can do the same for you.

  • Do you have priceless vacation or family photos where the surroundings are gorgeous but you and/or your loved ones are almost a silhouette because you’re too dark in the photo? It’s very difficult to always get great lighting.  I can improve that lighting in your photo greatly! Let me work my magic on it.
  • I can also take out red-eye so you (or your dog) won’t look quite so devilish. LOL!
  • Do some of your photos just feel a little washed out or hazy? I can totally take out the grayish cast of a photo that’s been shot in the middle of the day or from a less-than-perfect lighting angle, etc. and reveal the natural, vibrant color. No extreme over-saturation.  In fact, I don’t touch color saturation.  That’s for amateurs.  I only bring out what’s naturally there.  
  • And, of course, I can crop your photo to make the subject “pop” and give it nice composition and perspective.
  • Do you have old family photos that are a bit faded, some minor cracks/damage, or lacked great composition that you’d love to see enhanced to their best form? Let me work on them!
  • Do you have some great photos of you that you’d love to use for social media or a headshot but just wish you could have a few facial or neckline wrinkles smoothed out a tad? I would love to do that for you!

Some people love to knit or crochet. I edit photos to relax. LOL!

Just make sure the photos are clear and focused.  I can’t correct “blurry” but I can work wonders on other stuff.

Our memories are golden.  It would be my honor to help you preserve and enhance those symbols of your history to the best degree that I can.  For your $50 contribution to my journey, I’m happy to edit up to a DOZEN of your favorite photos!  Let’s make your memories even more beautiful!!

Just click on the button below and it will take you to my PayPal page where you will click “Send” and complete.  Once you do, I’ll reach out to you to get your photos!

Inspired Action Strategy Session: $200 

As most of you know, I’ve spent my 35-year career carving out strategy for others – for their marketing, communications, business growth, career development, life transitions and so much more.  It’s amazing what having a second pair of eyes and some different perspective can do at helping you take your dream or goal and break it down into manageable parts and then create a doable plan and start down that path to achievement.  Whether I can help you craft your business strategy or a personal strategy, it would be my honor to play a small part in fulfilling your dream.

Business Strategy: I would love to provide you a special 45-minute “mini session” of the formal 90-minute, full-length strategy session I normally do with clients.  Check out some of the most popular areas I work with business clients by clicking here. Scroll to the bottom of that webpage and you’ll see lots of options by clicking the “+” sign in these 4 major categories:  

Would you rather spend 45 minutes strategizing on your special, personal goals? I would be honored to support you! Want to explore your own travel dreams, retirement goals, new chapters, or other aspirations?  We can do that as well. 

Whether you’d like business strategy or personal strategy, I’ll share with you a special link to schedule your own meeting with me – at a time that works best for you. Then, I’ll send you some great questions to help you – and me – prepare for the meeting. Then, we’ll meet, via Zoom, for a jam-packed session. Afterward, I’ll send you a recording of all the great tips, strategies, and resources we covered so you can take immediate action. 


There’s no time better than today to take that next step.  And I’d LOVE to be a part of your journey.

Inspired Action Strategy Session – GIFTED!: $200

Do you have a loved one going through a challenging or exciting transition? Or, in need of one? Nothing says “I care” more than giving someone a leg up on their next journey. 

  • Have a college student or recent graduate that might appreciate a non-biased, sounding board? I have taught young adults in over 7 colleges and universities and I understand the overwhelm (and sometimes paralysis) that comes from having to make tough choices so early in one’s life.  While I chose never to have kids, I have a very powerful affinity for working with young adults.  I still guest lecture in local colleges, am a founding advisory board member of the Loyola Women’s Leadership Academy, and regularly conduct mock interviews for students of Tulane University.  I LOVE following the career progression of my “kids” over the years.  Young adults write back to tell me the value they receive from our sessions.  I would consider it a tremendous honor to have you “gift” a session with me for a young loved one in your life.
  • Have a loved one dreaming of starting a business? I love providing people with all the resources and opportunities available to them.  And giving them a clear process of how to properly vet their idea/opportunity to see if it is TRULY viable.  The secret, here, is to give aspiring entrepreneurs the proper questions – not answers.  Choosing to go into business – or not – is a very personal decision.  But, by working through all the right personal/financial/market/resource considerations, they stand a much better chance at making the right decision for themselves including, oftentimes, choosing NOT to go into business.  Gifting a prospective-startup strategy session shows you care about their dreams while allowing someone else to provide the reality check for them.
  • Have a business owner that could use a little boost of inspiration or ideas on how to jumpstart their recovery? I’d love to help.  I’ve spent the past year helping business owners adapt to the new realities that COVID uncovered.  Sometimes, business owners just need to get back to the basics. Something that’s easily overlooked when everything changes so quickly.  Others are uncovering incredible opportunity but need someone to help them navigate all the change.  I would love to help.

We’ll send you a beautiful Gift Certificate that you can print or email to share with your loved one. 

Just click on the button below and it will take you to my PayPal page where you will click “Send” and complete.  Once you do, I’ll email (or mail) you the gift certificate.

Premier Strategy Session – Discounted!  $450    $380

The cornerstone of my business is this 90-minute strategy session.  The whole process includes a really thought-provoking, comprehensive self-assessment you complete in advance, my session planning based on your self-assessment, a live 90-minute one-to-one session via Zoom, a debrief email, and a full transcript and recording of the jam-packed session so you can follow up and follow through for weeks to come. Honestly, it’s a steal at $450 but I would love to share it with as many people as possible while on this crazy 4-month journey.  You can learn all about it here: www.GrowWithMyra/Services. Scroll down to “Need Help Now” and you’ll see what I do for other business owners and NPO leaders.  **Just DON’T click on the Purchase button from my main website – you’ll pay full price. Use the link below for this special “Myra on the Road” discount!**

While the focus, there, is primarily business strategy, most people actually come to me with more personal goals in mind – which I love! Don’t let the list constrain you.  If there’s something you really want to work on, reach out to me.  I love a good challenge and unique requests. 😁

Thank you for joining me on this exciting/terrifying/overwhelming journey! I hope we both learn a world from this experience.  If you’re not already in my private Facebook group, “Find Your Spice – Travel” where I will be constantly sharing updates and insights, join me here.

I cherish you and your support!